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Kellogg’s Carton House

Training the Next AV Generation

It’s a good time to work in commercial AV. The industry is flourishing, recording solid growth each year, and technology is improving at a rapid pace. High-end audio-visual installations are in demand from entertainment to education to business to worship. However, with AV in such high demand, it is getting harder and harder for AV companies to cash in on certain opportunities, mainly due to a talent shortage that prevents them from taking on as many projects as they would like. There has been much discussion of late about the greying of the AV industry and its efforts to court the next generation of AV professionals. It’s a recurring topic at industry events, and many magazine articles and blog posts have been filed on the subject. But it’s a good problem to have for an industry t... Read More »

The Changing Business of AV Integration

At the same time, the commercial side of the business was doubly challenged by the Great Recession. Most major verticals reined in spending starting in 2008, while at the same time, the pro-AV industry witnessed growing incursions on its flanks from residential integrators fleeing the challenged housing sector, IT businesses eyeing AV as an adjunct service, and others. More recently, there has been several years’ worth of merger-and-acquisition activity that has changed the makeup of both the service-provider and the vendor sides of pro AV. In short, it’s been a head-spinning time for commercial audio-visual companies. Competition is getting more diverse, while at another level it’s consolidating. We see residential dealers migrating into the commercial space, often with a very di... Read More »