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At Conference Services, we pride ourselves on providing the most cutting edge audio visual equipment and services so that we can present our customers with a bespoke event that matches our high levels of service and technical assistance with their high expectations. Through frequent investment in new audio, visual and lighting equipment, Conference Services can guarantee that our customers will only be provided with the very best that the AV market has to offer.

Sets & Staging

We offer set-design and build services and we can tailor your stage, set and backdrops in the colours portrayed within your branding and the message you choose to portray. Conference Services will obtain all of the venue dimensions required so that your set is perfectly tailored to the location ensuring that your event looks great. Our freestanding backdrops are seamlessly fitted together to create a wraparound surface that can be customised to the colour of your branding. Should you require a stage, then this will be determined by the available space in your venue and the number of participants expected on stage at one time.  
Event Recording


Choosing the appropriate visual presentations and projection for your event is determined on a number of factors such as the size and seating arrangement of the audience, the nature and brightness of the venue and the format of the presentation. We can provide technical expertise to bring all of these elements together to ensure your conference has the desired visual impact. Visual requirements are best fulfilled though a combination of projection and plasma screens which allow all participants to fully engage with your event.  
Event Recording


Providing your event with sound is vital to ensuring that your message is portrayed with power and impact. Our sound engineers will accommodate all aspects of your event, from a simple panel discussion to large delegation “push talk” microphone systems and award style presentations that require background music and bespoke audio effects, we will enhance the audio to its maximum capacity to ensure even distribution.  
Event Recording
This technique has the benefit of adding a certain wow factor to your event by projecting onto any surface. Light is mapped onto any standard 3D object and through high definition projection, the surface is transformed into an interactive visual display.  By avoiding video compression we can keep the content in its best quality HD form which allows us to make urgent changes without losing the quality that is associated with compressed video. Our projection mapping technicians can project onto any flat or curved surface, complex 3D stages or even full-size buildings and stadiums.
Video Mapping
With so many businesses looking to instantly reach their global employees and customer markets, live event filming and webcasting offers the platform to help you connect with your audience in a live platform. Our high definition streaming packages allow customers to invite unlimited viewers in public or private forums. Why not stream to your website, YouTube or Vimeo channels, Facebook page or anywhere else that you may require in order to reach your requested end user. Why not offer a pay for view option for your personation or sporting event, our simple to use pricing and ticketing options will allow you to make a return from your event. At all stages of the event streaming service, you will be guided by our experienced staff.
Event Streaming
Many customers now require the ability to record their event so that they can share this with employees, customers and other stakeholders. Our event recording service will allow all of the key discussions and points raised to be professionally edited to your requirements and uploaded to your website or webcast, depending on your needs. Our professional cameramen and editors will discuss with you what sections of the conference you want to be filmed before the event or if you require the entire event to be recorded. If there are presentations, such as PowerPoint slides, video content, etc. that you may want included in the final recording then discuss this as an option with your project manager and we will be happy to include this for you. Our production crew will ensure that all presenters are correctly fitted with lapel microphones, so that sound recorded is of the highest quality.
Event Recording
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